The Green County Family Justice Center

When looking for resources, the Greene County Family Justice Center is a great start. The F.J.C. houses several agencies throughout the community under one roof (Harmony House, The Victim Center, Legal Services of Southern Missouri, Greene County Children’s Division, Greene County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Springfield Police Department, Greene County Sheriff’s Office and Child Support Division) and acts as a sort of middle man between victims and community resources. The F.J.C. is located in the Greene County Court House. and all services are free and confidential. You can go there to get in contact with resources or you can contact community resources individually.

The Victim Center

The Victim Center provides free-of-charge services to victims who have survived any type of violent or sexual crime within southwest Missouri, and surrounding areas.

Harmony House

The mission of Harmony House is to provide shelter, advocacy, and education to survivors of domestoc violence and promote the principle that all individuals have a right to a life free of abuse.

Burrell Behavioral Health

We create individualized care plans and our staff collaborates with families, schools, healthcare systems and other networks to provide the appropriate care for each situation.

Crime Victim’s Compensation Program

Through the Missouri Department of Public Safety, you may be eligible to receive compensation for loss of income, support, funeral expenses, and reasonable medical, drug and counseling expenses up to $20,000. You can find assistance for filing through The Victim Center, the Family Justice Center and Greene County Juvenile Justice Center.