Kids and Consent

It's never too early to learn about consent! Though we often associate consent only with sexual assault, the truth is that it is an essential aspect of all relationships. People (even kids) have the right to set boundaries about their bodies, their possessions, and their actions, and we need to respect those boundaries. In this class, parents (or grandparents, teachers, or anyone who loves kids) will learn how to teach their children about consent, body autonomy, communication, relationships, and self-worth. The class will be at The Venues Church! The Venues will also be providing childcare, so parents can listen and ask questions in peace.

The Venues Church

@ 2616 Battlefield Rd.

2pm to 4 pm

2019 Me Too Springfield Rally

Over ten years ago, activist Tarana Burke identified the phrase "Me too" as a powerful movement that could help women. She wanted to do something more to help women and girls of color who have experienced sexual violence. Today, the viral hashtag has called much attention to the epidemic of sexual assault and harassment in our society affecting all communities. Tarana Burke says, "It's beyond a hashtag. It's the start of a larger conversation and a movement for radical community healing.” The Springfield community is coming together on September 14th in solidarity to further support and process the eradicating of sexual assault and harassment in all its forms. This rally will be a space dedicated to conversations on the impact and pervasiveness of sexual violence, and action to eliminate this issue for both men and women. Our goals are awareness, community, and action. Today in our country- 1/6 women and 1/33 men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. We also recognize that these numbers are disproportionately higher for the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, and racial minorities. Because of this, this event is meant to be inclusive to all people and communities including: people of color, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, and all religious-affiliated people/groups. We also welcome all advocacy organizations, all community leaders, and all community members to come and participate. This rally will be bipartisan, and family/pet friendly. It will include music, spoken word, shared stories of hope, a community for sexual assault survivors, a “What Were You Wearing?” exhibit, a self-defense demo, and speakers. Signs are welcome! This rally is meant to show solidarity with the #metoo survivors of the Springfield, MO area. This is not intended to be dismissive of any other group, organization, community, or anyone else that works with helping survivors of sexual abuse.

@ Park Central Square

4 pm to 7 pm

Shine a Light on Sexual Violence

Help us shine a light on the issue of sexual violence within our community. Come to hear voices of hope, and light a floating lantern as or for a survivor of sexual assault. This event will be one of awareness and community healing.

Chesterfield Park

7 pm to 8 pm